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Many hair and scalp problems take months or even years to develop. Some are more sudden. Over our years of experience in dealing with hair and scalp health we have come to believe that our method of working with patients for up to a year after their initial consultation gives you the best chance of improvement.

Our unique approach will ensure that you have the time and space to discuss your concerns with the North East of Scotland’s only fully certified Trichologist at our clinic in central Aberdeen.

You will receive a treatment plan based on a thorough examination of your hair and scalp, together with a detailed discussion of your overall health and wellbeing.

This first appointment will take around 1 hour. Thereafter you will be a member of the Clinic for 1 year, and can call on the Trichologist for advice and guidance throughout your treatment. A further half hour follow up consultation will be arranged for you to assess progress during the year.

/ Hair Thinning

+ We provide a sympathetic environment where we can fully explore the symptoms and potential reasons for hair thinning in both men and women, whether short or long-term. At the time it can be very stressful and upsetting for sufferers and we will work with you to find a suitable treatment. If there is an underlying medical reason, we will happily co-operate with your Doctor to put a solution in place.

/ Hair loss

+ As trained Trichologists, we will take the time to investigate the reasons for your hair loss and suggest appropriate remedies. The most common type of hair loss is “male pattern baldness”, which can be slowed down with suitable treatments however there are also several other types of hair loss, in women as well as men, which could be caused by hormones, diet or other medical conditions. In some cases we would refer you to some of the top transplant surgeons for hair restoration, or advise you on the best hairpiece, wig or cosmetic solution.

Adult Initial Consultation- Includes an hour's consultation, follow up meeting and 1 year membership

Follow-on Membership - (for those who wish to continue their membership for another year, after the first year has passed)

Childs Initial Consultation- Includes an hour's consultation and 6 months membership

Blood Test for Hair Loss Fingers Price Method

Blood Test for Hair Loss Venous Draw Method
(£110 for existing patients or with purchase of Adult Initial Consultation)

/ Scalp Conditions

+ Scalp problems include flaking, inflammation and allergies. It is important to see a Trichologist at an early stage if possible, so that a correct diagnosis can be made and treatment started before the symptoms worsen. Remedies could include dietary and lifestyle changes or prescribed treatment products. Occasionally a medical solution may be required. We advise on the control of an excessively greasy hair and scalp, recommending suitable shampoos and other products.


40-minute appointment to remove scale build up on the scalp. This can give relief from itching and unsightly scaling. Our Trichologist will access the condition before deciding which level to start with. It is very seldom to start with the heavy scale removal but this is dependent on the condition at hand.

Once the treatment is applied to the scalp, the streamer is used to help lift the scale. It is then shampooed and conditioned if required. There are blow driers and straighteners available for you to dry the hair afterwards.

Light Scale Removal

Heavy Scale Removal

Light Scale Removal Treatment (Block of 5)

Heavy Scale Removal Treatment (Block of 5)


Elasticizer Treatment

Detoxifying Treatment

*Personalised scale removal treatments are not applied on initial appointments, as in most cases the light and heavy scale removals will suffice.

Optional Addons:

Elasticizer infusion to scale or detoxifying treatment

Bond Builder Addon to scale or detoxifying treatment

Blow Dry after treatment

/ Hair Problems

+ Where Trichology and Hairdressing overlap, our trained and certified Trichologist as well as experienced hairdresser and salon owner, Jacqueline is well placed to help, and can advise on repairing damaged hair due to colouring, heat or other external factors. Some hair problems may be more common in certain ethnic groups and we are trained to treat all hair and scalp types. We will happily work with your hairdresser if necessary to find a lasting solution to your concerns and return your hair to its original condition.

/ Nutrition for hair and scalp

+ The condition of your hair often reflects your overall health and we know that when your hair is not looking its best your confidence suffers. We will advise you on the best diet and lifestyle changes as well as the most suitable products and treatments to use to achieve fabulous, healthy, shiny locks.

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/ Aberdeen Hair+Scalp Clinic / is the North East of Scotland’s only Trichology Clinic. We offer a personalised approach to provide the correct diagnosis, best advice and treatment for your hair loss and scalp problems.

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