Children and Infants

/ Children (1-16 yrs)

+ Children can suffer from a range of hair and scalp issues and the affects can be distressing for the child and for parents. As with our adult patients, children under 16 will receive a treatment plan based on a thorough examination of the hair and scalp, together with a detailed discussion of the child’s overall health and wellbeing. The first appointment will take up to an hour. Thereafter, the child is a member of the Clinic for 6 months and you can call on the Trichologist for advice and guidance throughout that time. A further follow up consultation will be arranged for your child to assess progress towards the end of the 6 month period (membership can be extended if required).

Initial consultation (up to 1 hour), blood result analysis, treatment plan, follow up meeting and 6 months clinic membership £90

/ Infants (under 1 year)

+ Cradle cap is often distressing for mum but is definitely not caused by poor hygiene or anything you are doing wrong. Many of the conventional treatments suggested, like baby shampoo, can in fact make matters worse. But there are treatments which can make a difference.

At Aberdeen Hair & Scalp Clinic we have years of experience dealing with all kinds of hair and scalp problems, including cradle cap, and are here to help.

An appointment with baby costs £50 and includes treatments and ongoing support for up to 6 months.

Children and infant
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“We contacted Aberdeen Hair and Scalp Clinic very soon after our 10 year old son developed alopecia. Jacqueline was so helpful and understanding and spent a great deal of time looking into the possible causes of my son’s hair loss, (at the outset it wasn’t clear he had alopecia). She made recommendations to us about supplements and massages but particularly told us about the connection between iron store levels and hair loss.


Jacqueline never promised a cure… but, however it happened, and I do believe the iron store levels had a significant impact, my son now has a lot of new hair growth.


Jacqueline’s extensive experience as a hairdresser, where she has come across numerous cases of hair loss, her natural affinity with and ability to deal with people, on top of her training and qualifications as a Trichologist, makes her the ideal person to go to for anyone suffering from hair loss.”

Elaine Benton

/ Aberdeen Hair+Scalp Clinic / is the North East of Scotland’s only Trichology Clinic. We offer a personalised approach to provide the correct diagnosis, best advice and treatment for your hair loss and scalp problems.

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