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We are the North East of Scotland’s only fully certified Trichology Clinic


We offer diagnosis, treatments and advice relating to hair and scalp problems

We help you find the most appropriate and successful solution with our tailored and holistic approach

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We cater to a wide range of clients and conditions, from male and female hair loss, to problems afflicting young and old and various ethnic groups.

Within 8 months, it is possible to see results like this:

Oct 17 -March 18


“Before I saw Jacqueline, I didn’t go out and had no confidence. My GP did not understand the emotional impact of my hair loss. I think my GP thought I was a bit of hypochondriac, as I was there so often complaining of hair loss, but also of tiredness and feeling generally unwell.

Jacqueline was the first person to take time to really listen to me and who immediately understood the impact alopecia was having on my life. She really got the ball rolling for me to sort things out.

I visited Aberdeen Hair and Scalp Clinic in desperation after waiting months for a referral to an NHS dermatologist. When I eventually saw the dermatologists, they were impressed that Jacqueline had already diagnosed my problem and had started advising me on treatments.

Jacqueline also diagnosed that I was very low in iron and that made me push my GP for a blood test which confirmed I was suffering from chronic anaemia and probably had been for many years. So Jacqueline effectively diagnosed two conditions, alopecia and anaemia, and gave me the confidence to push for treatment.

My hair is now thicker than it has ever been, and with Jacqueline’s help I am managing my alopecia to ensure it does not get worse. I am frustrated and disappointed my condition wasn’t diagnosed earlier but I am confident enough now to push for what I know I need to maintain optimum hair health, as well as managing my iron levels to ensure I get the most from life.”

Alison, Aberdeen


“Jacqueline identified (through one blood test ) that I was low in iron (too low to promote good hair growth). Also although my diet was good, I was missing certain amino acids from food groups that create strong hair. I have now taken on board all these suggestions and eat more of the correct foods plus I eat more protein at breakfast and for snacks. One year on, my hair is incredibly thicker. Delighted. Not only were the recommendations useful to me but the support and understanding from
Jacqueline gave me the boost I needed when I was feeling down. Totally recommend!”

Jenny, Moray


“Jacqueline encouraged us to get a blood test for our 6 year old daughter as she was confident it would be due to a deficiency (after dermatologists had said that wasn’t the cause of her alopecia) and it confirmed she was low on iron. As a result she was given iron supplement which stopped her hair falling out and it has since started to grow back. I’m not sure we would have got it diagnosed in sufficient time had it not been for Jacqueline! She was so helpful and supportive through a very stressful time, we are very grateful to have found her”

Lisa, Aberdeen


Q. What is Trichology?

A. Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair and scalp. Trichologists diagnose disorders of the hair and scalp including thinning hair, hair loss, scalp disorders and hair texture problems. Trichologists may treat or refer patients depending on diagnosis, with follow up appointments where necessary.

Q. What problems do you address?

A. Any problem related to hair or scalp, whether it be minor or major, short or long-term, including:

Male Hair Loss / Female Hair Loss / Thinning Hair/ Damaged hair

All scalp problems of all ethnic groups such as flaking, inflammation, psoriasis 

We also undertake Blood Test Analysis to help reach a diagnosis

Q. What treatments are used?

A.  We can advise on, recommend or undertake many types of treatment. These can range from over-the-counter hair products to specialist hair and scalp treatments or even prescribed treatments. Referrals to other specialists such as some of the UK’s top hair transplant surgeons can also be made.

Q. Why use Aberdeen Hair and Scalp Clinic?

A. It is the only one of its kind in the North East of Scotland. There are only a handful of qualified Trichologists practising in Scotland and AHSC is the only one north of Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Jacqueline Davidson, the owner, is a member of the Institute of Trichologists, and is bound by their strict Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

Her hairdressing background means that she understands the overlap between the cosmetic and medical fields and her sympathetic approach makes clients feel at ease during consultations.

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/ Aberdeen Hair+Scalp Clinic / is the North East of Scotland’s only Trichology Clinic. We offer a personalised approach to provide the correct diagnosis, best advice and treatment for your hair loss and scalp problems.