Covid 19 Policy

In case you were wondering if it’s safe to attend Aberdeen Hair + Scalp Clinic for appointments during these uncertain times, we wanted to reassure you of the usual and extra measures we are taking right now.

We are monitoring the situation closely and day by day - at the moment, we’re operating business as usual and look forward to seeing you for your appointment.

When you’re here, you should know that:
1. We sterilise all our equipment after each client as we always have done.
2. We disinfect our stations, desks and chairs after every treatment using an antibacterial solution
3. We use disposable towels, we are also supplying disposable hand towels in the toilet
4. Our staff are washing their hands after every single client, using handwashing technique as set out by the WHO
5. We now disinfect our reception desk after every transaction and all door handles and touchable surfaces at regular intervals throughout the day
6. We request Apple/GooglePay/contactless transactions where possible
7. We are checking in with staff daily to ensure they are healthy and well, and have not been in contact with anyone who has travelled from the worst affected Covid-19 areas or anyone suffering from the virus.

Please don’t be offended, but we will be asking anyone coming to the clinic for their appointment to also wash their hands or use the anti bacterial gel supplied at reception on arrival.

If you have a cold, a sniffle, a cough, fever or are feeling unwell, firstly, we are sorry to hear it, and secondly, we would ask that you kindly reschedule your appointment here so that we can see you when you’re back feeling fighting fit.

If and when the time comes that we need to take extra measures, we will do so in the most responsible way as advised by the right authorities.

In the meantime, we’re here for you, and your needs. Let’s not let the important things slide.

Stay Safe